Partners William D. Emmert and John T. Wakefield have sold hundreds of low digit tags over the past 20+ years and have a backlog of qualified buyers waiting for just the right live Delaware license tag.  When listing with Delaware Tag Traders, you will have exposure to hundreds of buyers not just through our site here but through Emmert Auction Associates.  Emmert auction Associates has set every major record for tag prices including both tag #9 and #6 with national exposure by such news commentators as Katie Couric,  Dan Rather and David Letterman.  Through the live auctions we currently average approximately 35 to 50 tag sales per year plus many other private sales.  If at any time you wish to accelerate the sale of your tag you will have the option of removing the tag from the website and inserting it into one of our monthly live estate auctions at the Rehoboth Beach Convention Center.  With our experience and relationships throughout Delaware, we will work every possible source to either sell your tag or secure that special tag that you have always wanted.

Call us today for recent comparable sale prices and consultation.  There is no charge for this professional advice!!  We look forward to hearing from you.